Step 1: The Consultation

Here is where we will discuss what you would like to accomplish from your photo session. We can review your current portfolio, as well as my current digital iPad portfolio, so that we can brainstorm ideas for either a location or studio session . It also would be helpful to have copies of reference photos. We then will discuss dates, wardrobe, makeup, pricing, printing, and specials that I may be offering at the moment.

If you choose a studio shoot, I will have studio availability to schedule our studio photo session.

Step 2: The Photo Session

The photo session is where we will make magic. You can bring a friend if you'd like, as well as music (ex. iPod/iPad/iPhone) to make you feel comfortable. Unless specified during your consultation, you can bring up to 3 different looks. There will be a racks and tables provided (during a studio session) to lay out clothing, accessories, shoes, etc. (If needed, I can provide an iron. A steamer is not included unless provided by wardrobe and/or the client)

We will shoot about 300-500 frames, and we'll review the shots as we go.

Step 3: Images

After your photo session, I will personally review the images we've taken and provide you with a web link to show you which images (low-resolution watermarked proofs) I consider to have been the best, and which ones you should consider for your portfolio. Once you have received the web link via email, you will review the images that we've shot to determine which images you'd like to have color-corrected and retouched.


We can schedule another meeting for us to review imagery. By the end of this meeting you will receive a printed contact sheet with images that we have chosen.

Step 4: Selection and Retouching

Here you will review the web link/contact sheet and provide me with image numbers via text message/e-mail. You can share the web links to the low-resolution watermarked proofs to help you select which pictures you'd like to have color-corrected and retouched. You can select 5 images to be color-corrected and retouched. If you'd like to order more than 5 images, they cost only $35 each.

Step 5: Final Images and Prints

When the color-corrected and retouched Final Images are ready, I will send you an email or text message indicating that you can download the color-corrected and retouched Final Images via dropbox.com. You will receive both low-resolution RGB JPEG files (for uploading to web sites and emailing) as well as high-resolution RGB JPEG files (for printing). If you'd like to have prints made from your photo session, printing prices and services are available.